Thursday, January 7, 2010

Re-Design being Published!!!

So this last year was a crazy home remodel over here and we needed to do all kinds of rethinking on our floor plan and styling. It was a fun project and took up SO much more time than I ever imagined. We couldn't have done it without the help of many talented people to offer their expertise. One of those experts was my new client Laura Heitz of Right Now Redesign. We worked together on our new family room and I took before and after pictures of the transformation (If I knew how much this room was going to change I would have taken before before pictures!) In the most exciting development, Laura submitted the images for a new book that about Room Redesigns and we were selected!!! Now as we wait it's release we hope to collaborate some more on her 'After' projects.

Our new kitchen made our old furniture layout seem awkward. We previously had a large armoire for our tv, but the new flat screen didn't fit and we made do with what we had.
Enter Laura...She helped me select a new tv stand that fit the style and size of the room and rearranged the furniture to be more inviting and helped the flow for everyday and entertaining.
On this large wall I had always wanted to do a family picture layout. (I mean I do it for clients all the time, so why not, right?).
Having Laura waiting to consult on this design forced me to finally collect and frame what I needed and I couldn't be happier. She also chose a table from our bedroom to position behind the couch. We also pulled books from my office and the magazine rack from my daughters room.
Laura and I are excited to see our collaborative efforts in print and we'll both be sure and let you know when it is out!!
In the meantime, here is Laura's website to view more of her wonderful work.