Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Right Now Redesign

The kids just ran off to school, er...walked happily, ok left for their first day of school this morning! I now have the days back to do as I wish! Although I have to admit, I had a GREAT time with them this summer at the beach, the ball field and our summer long quest for the best ice cream.
I want to catch up on some posts now and want to start with a fabulous woman that I met through another client (I LOVE REFERRALS!!!). Laura Heitz has a very cool job!
She is a room redesigner. Through her company, Right Now Redesign, she takes your stuff and gives it a new and fresh look. We worked together to give her a fresh new look for her headshots for her website and online presence for Facebook and LinkedIn.
Our goal was to capture Laura's fun, honest and creative personality for all to see. We looked at the various applications for her images and planned our session accordingly; we had a fabulous time to boot!!
Oh, stay tuned because I also used Laura's services and she helped me redesign my new living room space!! Pix to come as soon as the Family Photo Wall is complete!

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