Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome Naomi

I was so excited to hear that Ava was going to be a big sister and even more excited when mama called me again to capture the moment. We are meeting next week to see all the proofs, but here is a little sneak peek.
She is such a great Big Sister!

Oh, and how happy is she to be 3!!!
Thanks again for sharing your girls with me C, I'll see you next week!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

boys will be boys

This summer I had the chance to once again photograph Jill's boys. The last time I saw them The baby was just a newborn. Now he and his brothers are well on their way to becoming big boys. When it was all said and done, I just had to put together this adorable accordion album to give mom bragging rights on her beautiful boys.

This little one wanted nothing to do with me and everything to do with worms and his new gecko....and I wouldn't want it any other way!

And big brother is doing a great job watching over the little ones!
OH, here is the wall design that we created to show off who her boys are right now. Thanks Jill for another wonderful time with your boys.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Right Now Redesign

The kids just ran off to school, er...walked happily, ok left for their first day of school this morning! I now have the days back to do as I wish! Although I have to admit, I had a GREAT time with them this summer at the beach, the ball field and our summer long quest for the best ice cream.
I want to catch up on some posts now and want to start with a fabulous woman that I met through another client (I LOVE REFERRALS!!!). Laura Heitz has a very cool job!
She is a room redesigner. Through her company, Right Now Redesign, she takes your stuff and gives it a new and fresh look. We worked together to give her a fresh new look for her headshots for her website and online presence for Facebook and LinkedIn.
Our goal was to capture Laura's fun, honest and creative personality for all to see. We looked at the various applications for her images and planned our session accordingly; we had a fabulous time to boot!!
Oh, stay tuned because I also used Laura's services and she helped me redesign my new living room space!! Pix to come as soon as the Family Photo Wall is complete!

Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm on FACEBOOK and Etsy!!!

How could I forget?? This was added this spring as well, (told you I was busy). You can now join friend the LVP page on Facebook and you can see some of my fine art work for sale on Etsy. I'm still getting the knack of both of these, so please feel free to share your tips, but basically the easiest way to reach them is from these links.

One cold spring day...

My new client and I ventured out to take a headshot for her work. Knowing exactly what we needed I offered to take some fun shots just for her as well. We managed to tuck inside some buildings in town and discreetly do what we had to do. I had such a fun time with her and she was so flexible with trying out different locations and ideas. Thanks so much Christine for a fun morning!

Love the shoes!!

Love that Strap!

What a nice surprise!! Thanks to the Ells for this fun b-day gift that arrived today. I've wanted one of these for a while, but just never got around to getting it. The funky strap is from Elisalou Designs, how stinkin' cute is it!! Her site has all kinds of cool fabric bags & totes.
The best thing is that it got me motivated to blog again! I couldn't wait to share!!!
I've been so busy with our remodel this spring and then spring sessions started up so now I'm getting back on a new summer work schedule.
The kids have started with swimming and softball again and our evenings and weekend are spent at the pool and ball field.Today however is the first nice day in weeks and until we are off to tonight's game, I thought I'd share what I've been up to, while sitting on my deck of course. Next up...headshots!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

just between friends

Well, I've had so much fun creating unique and personal sessions for seniors this past year, but I thought, what better way to finish off your senior year than a group session of you and your best friends.
As you can see each of my senior sessions is completely customized to fit your personality and individual style. The YOU + TWO sessions are no different! We will consult as a group to come up with great ways to show off who you are as friends.

Available dates: March 22nd through June 14!!

Special Package Pricing of $95 per person includes:
A free no obligation consultation to design your group session
1-2 hour photo session for you and up to 4 friends
at the fabulous location we choose together
Online proofing
Mini Accordian album with 6 images
2 digital images for Facebook or MySpace, etc.
24 wallets
PLUS...when you pre-pay your session, you'll receive a free 8x10!!

Since this is not 'an ordinary, mass produced just like everyone else's pix' photo session, there are a limited number of spots available.
Contact me today to reserve your best date or if you have ANY questions.

Here is another peek of some recent Senior sessions

Monday, January 5, 2009


In the photog world this says it all, maybe even outside of that world too. Anyway, this is somewhat old news, but still very exciting. Annie Leibovitz was in Chicago in early December and no matter what it took I was determined to go and see her speak. About 3 weeks earlier I told my husband that all I wanted for Christmas was her new book. As it turned out I went with my friends Cathy and Will, and we had a great time. We were about 50th in line and as it turns out there were over 1000 people that showed up! We sat in front and listened to her read from the book and tell some stories about some of her famous shoots.
Ahhh...what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall at any session she has ever done--I mean, Lennon, Demi, Springsteen--wow. It was truly one of the most inspiring moments in my photographic life.
So here are some snapshots my friend Will was able to sneak (and from my iphone-supposedly no photos were to be taken-but I was regretting not bringing mine).

Happy New Year!!

Time to celebrate and start anew! So as you can guess, I didn't get very far with posting on Christmas Eve. We got started with family time and just kept on going throughout the break.
I hope you had a wonderful time with those you love and are looking forward to 2009 as much as I am.
I am determined to continue to develop the online presence of LVP this year starting with more blogs, updating the web photos and starting a new Facebook fan club the end of this week!! So check back often!
So where does that leave us...Catching up on previous work I suppose.

And what a better place to start than with this singing and dancing free spirit! I've known this little ones mom for over 20 years-yikes! When we started this session we were fighting the rain and ended up having to re-start later in the afternoon. It was worth the wait, we saw all of her personality come out and play. In the end we also created a storybook and a mini-album which are just adorable.

Thanks Meg for a fun play day with Kelsey, she is a wonderfully exciting young girl! I had a great time!!