Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Coat!!

Well I am here on Christmas Eve with everything wrapped, well mostly, and I've got a few hours before the celebrations and cooking begin. I wanted to do a little catch up on the latest posts. let's see how far I get...

So the coat. When I got to this session I noticed right away that she was wearing a beautiful outfit by Matilda Jane. Their clothes are just precious and I've been dying to photograph someone in them. This is the Audrey coat AND it is reversible too! (sorry no shots of that though). Anyway, you can get these gorgeous clothes through trunk shows and art fairs. Check out their site for a trunk keeper near you.

Here are some additional shots from that session that we used to create an adorable storyboard. (sorry I'm having issues with the image size and posting)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

True Fall

I told her mom today that although it seems like I should have, I've never done a true fall session. You know the kind with leaves and all the cliches that go along with that. But when we said we were going to hang close to home and just see what we could come up with, it all 'fell' into place. This too is part of a card, so a bit of a sneak peek here. Oh, and she totally went and grabbed the rake on her own-honest! I think that is what made this all so genuinely sweet.
OH, next post...let's talk about that coat!!

Jeans & Hoodies

This shoot was so much fun! This year mom decided to go casual and let the kids show of their vacation hoodies and we just let them giggle and play (you may remember their gorgeous red velvet dresses & sweaters last year) (it is part of her Christmas card, so only a sneak peek here).

I love his laid back stance, he just looks like one of the guys in this.Don't you just love this? We grabbed the bench that is in their foyer for this one and I just let her do what felt fun. And I love her new glasses--such the big Sis'!
Ah, and a private moment to play in the mulch. I think we can all learn something from this one. Funny how it is usually the simplest things that make us the happy.

Nicole you're the best, thanks for another chance to play with your kids!!

We Sisters Three

Although I've known these girls for a long while, I saw them in a whole new light during this session. Previously I've only seen them individually, but the way interacted together was just very special. We went nearby the house, but to a park they hadn't been to before and just let them explore.
I had so many favorites from this session it was hard to pick what to post, so here's just a few and then it looks like mom and I are going to work on a mini album later on so I'll keep you posted.

I love love love this one. The repetition of the semi-circle with the land and played right into my lens!

All the little treasures they found exploring

Thanks guys for letting us play!

Beautiful Dancer-Part Two

So when this mother daughter team approached me this summer about a senior session we went over the ideas for the 'typical' session for my seniors. But then, mom REALLY wanted a dance shot since her daughter has been dancing since she was a little one. However, all her daughter could think of was all those dance poses she's done in the studio, in costume, with staged smiles and she said 'NO!'
I said give me some time to think of something that can work for us both and WOW!! look what we came up with. I had so much fun scouting for this one, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted and scoured all over to find a location that would suit our needs.
Here are the individual shots and the storyboard we printed in the end.

Thanks Karen & Paige for a wonderful session experience!

Breathing Room

I am finally at a point where I can catch-up on whats been going on around here. Keep an eye out today and tomorrow as I am planning on a huge post-o-rama!