Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beautiful Dancer-Part Two

So when this mother daughter team approached me this summer about a senior session we went over the ideas for the 'typical' session for my seniors. But then, mom REALLY wanted a dance shot since her daughter has been dancing since she was a little one. However, all her daughter could think of was all those dance poses she's done in the studio, in costume, with staged smiles and she said 'NO!'
I said give me some time to think of something that can work for us both and WOW!! look what we came up with. I had so much fun scouting for this one, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted and scoured all over to find a location that would suit our needs.
Here are the individual shots and the storyboard we printed in the end.

Thanks Karen & Paige for a wonderful session experience!

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Brooke LeeAn Copeland said...

Oh Lisa,
I LOVE these dance shots! They are artistic, beautiful, and just lovely! Great job!