Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Time to celebrate and start anew! So as you can guess, I didn't get very far with posting on Christmas Eve. We got started with family time and just kept on going throughout the break.
I hope you had a wonderful time with those you love and are looking forward to 2009 as much as I am.
I am determined to continue to develop the online presence of LVP this year starting with more blogs, updating the web photos and starting a new Facebook fan club the end of this week!! So check back often!
So where does that leave us...Catching up on previous work I suppose.

And what a better place to start than with this singing and dancing free spirit! I've known this little ones mom for over 20 years-yikes! When we started this session we were fighting the rain and ended up having to re-start later in the afternoon. It was worth the wait, we saw all of her personality come out and play. In the end we also created a storybook and a mini-album which are just adorable.

Thanks Meg for a fun play day with Kelsey, she is a wonderfully exciting young girl! I had a great time!!

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