Tuesday, December 11, 2007

family time

As promised, I want to share the shots from this fall/winter so what I thought I'd do it is at least every other post; that way I won't feel so behind. I will not let this get like my personal scrap booking which is always a bit behind.
So, these are from a family session on a beautiful fall day. Our goal was "at least one" for the Christmas card. We had so much fun and just letting the boys be themselves and sneaking in a few family shots too.

ok, I'm still figuring out this spacing thing with the pix & text. But, how cute is this family?!! The boys were so excited to show me how they could be "BIG BROTHERS" for this one.

These boys just loved being front and center,but I have a feeling that someone might be stealing the spotlight some time soon...
We did get the "one" (and two and three...), but I think I'll wait until after I know her holiday cards are out before we share those with everyone.

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