Friday, December 21, 2007

A Christmas Dickens moment

Alright, for this one I HAVE to share some background. This was a session planned for one of the gals at Eliza Jane (that fun girly shop in St.Charles). We had set the date way in advance to get the kids when they were out of school and before they went on vacation. Wouldn't you know it, this day was just miserable around here. There was fog and a mist that hung on for the entire day as it turned out-even though it was supposed to be sunny by 9am.
We decided to press on and fought through the weather.
They were dressed to the nines as they do for their Christmas photo, but this year mom wanted to try something new.
Between the fog and the traditional dress combined with the fun scenery we found the results all came together oh so nicely. WOW!

But stay posted (ha,ha) there are more to share from this session, and others as I continue to edit and keep working on in the new year.

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