Thursday, December 20, 2007

play time

No not for me unfortunately. I am nursing myself back to health today. Yesterday wasn't any better either. I have lots to do to get ready for Christmas, but today I just need to get rid of this nasty cold & achy feeling.
SO, what better way then to Post!
These are from one of the fall sessions. This big sister and little brother has so much fun just playing together at the park. Doing what they do best.
Football. Their favorite game to play together.
just look how he goes for the ball!
he was just so sweet, and had such a fun time playing

Look how she watches over him, what a good big sis'.

She was such a natural for the entire session


ok this was a happy accident, I admit. It was just when I played with it later did I notice how adorable his expression was and I had to find a way to keep it in the set.

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