Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy 12th Birthday!!

Well we made it through the birthday adventure.
What started out as a plan to drive downtown and go ice skating at Millennium Park turned into a train ride and a trip through Macy's. That would be due to ice storms, sever weather warnings and the first snow of the season. It really was beautiful to see all the DT lights covered in ice, but the sideways sleet, I could have done without.

As promised, here are some pix for you Juju.

The girls had such a fun time on the train, and who knew it was only $5 ROUND TRIP for me and 5 girls on Metra!! So much better than parking.

Once we got there we took the Trolley to State Street and did the obligatory trip to Garret's and saw the windows at Fields, I mean Macy's.
Saw Santa and a menagerie of life sized stuffed animals in the FAO Swartz toy department.
Then we headed upstairs and saw Martha's Tree (eh. just so-so compared to trees of the past in my book).

Lastly we went over to the Christkindlmarket for some toasted nuts, German Snacks and shopping. (this is not to be confused with the Kindermarket that I originally called it and my German friend thought I was going to sell the children when the afternoon was over!).Way too much rain/snow/sleet to take any pix here, but it was lovely.
Then a run back to the train station for pizza and "Hairspray".

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